New Study Says Your Exact Lifestyle Is Best For You

With so many scientific studies kicking about, all telling you contradictory things about how to live your life, it can get bewildering and somewhat confusing. Is a glass of wine a day good for you, or is it bad for you? How much exercise should you be doing without overdoing it? Are you getting a healthy amount of sex?

Well, according to a new study, published in this month’s Journal Of Confirmation Biases, scientists now claim that everything you are currently doing is just about right.

The study goes on to say that if you do anywhere from zero to lots of exercise a week, that’s probably just about the right amount. If you’re drinking no alcohol, or a barrel of alcohol a day, and anywhere in between, that’s probably just about right. And if you’re having no sex, that’s probably just about right, unless you’re having far too much sex, in which case, that’s probably just about right.

So, there’s no need to go round hunting for the studies that prove the way you live your life is the best way to live your life anymore, because now there’s one consolidated study that does that for you.

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