The Curious Case Of The Last Of The Summer Wine Titles

This is usually how the episodes are titled on screen for Last Of The Summer Wine.

But every now and again, they look like this.

It’s quite rare not to open on a vista of the hills, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Try another.

Do you see it?

Most of the time it’s capitalised. But every now and then, it’s not.

I’m sure you worked it out faster than I did once I noticed it.

If the title is taken from dialogue in the episode, it will be written like this.

To wit …


Pubs Of The Summer Wine

Over on Twitter, I have been boring everyone silly with a long thread chronicling all of the pubs we see in Last Of The Summer Wine, as I slowly watch it from beginning to end. (I’m halfway through series seven).

This is Will’s O Nat’s …

This one stood out from the others because of its odd name. It’s such an odd name that I couldn’t believe it was made up. That’s not a pub facade dressed for the cameras, that’s a real pub. It’s just down the road from Holmfirth. Here’s what it looks like these days.

And here’s what it looked like 110 years ago.

I thought it might be interesting to compare the interior set used for the episode (Cheering Up Ludovic), with the real layout of the pub (albeit with a more contemporary decor).

And here’s the real one.

I think I prefer the TV version myself.

Why the comma, Prime Minister?

This is the opening title sequence to Yes Minister.

And this is the opening title sequence to Yes, Prime Minister.

See the difference?

No, not the totally different (brilliant) animations (the way the 10 morphs into Humphrey and Hacker is delicious).

Why is the first show called Yes Minister, while the second is called Yes, Prime Minister?

I imagine there’s a good grammatical reason, but that comma just makes the title sound either a little more exasperated, or a little more respectful, depending on how you say it.

The Weird Table In Get Some In!

I asked this on Twitter, but I’m going to ask it again.

What the hell is going on with this table?

It’s from episode six in series of two of Get Some In! called Complaints. Roy Kinnear guest stars as a dodgy Chef.

But look at that table.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Gingham cloth is covering up some plates of food, ready to be unveiled later, and currently protected from the elements.


They sit down at it, as is, and have their meal bought to them.

Not a single word from anyone about the table based topographical anomaly.

They carry on as normal, and just tuck in.

The Young Ovens

I’ve become a bit obsessed with ovens in sitcoms this past week. It all started when I noticed how many ovens Arkwright got through in Open All Hours, before I began to wonder if any of those same ovens were used in other BBC shows. Logic would suggest they would have to have been.

I got it into my head that I recognised one as an oven that also appeared in The Young Ones. (No, YOU’VE watched the show too much).

This is the oven from the Bachelor Boys’ first house, in Demolition.

I got quite excited, because it does indeed bear a striking resemblance to one of Arkwright’s, but alas, it’s not the same. It’s most like this one.

But as you can see, the knobs have a different configuration, and it’s a side opening door, not a drop down one.

Once they move house, The Young Ones’ oven then looks like this.

Which is also pretty close to that one above of Arkwright’s. It doesn’t last very long though.

Weirdly, although maybe not considering the world of the show, the replacement oven is exactly the same (although missing one fewer knobs).

It’s a cartoon world, so maybe it’s the same oven. And to save you the bother, I checked every episode of the first series onwards, and it’s the same oven in every one. I’m not sure of the shooting order of the episodes, so it’s possible Oil was shot last, but I doubt it.

By the time series two comes along, Mr Balowski has replaced the oven with one that fits my memory of eighties ovens much better.

So that was that. I was wrong. The Young Ones don’t share an oven with Open All Hours.

But take a look at this one.

That’s from the pilot episode.

I was watching the Christmas Special of Get Some In, which aired in December of 1975, when I saw this.

It’s not the same one either.

Sorry for wasting your time.