Rotten Apple by Simon Dunn

A noir-crime-suspense-thriller parody.

The hard-boiled detective, the down-to-earth stripper, the embittered hack, the mad psycho, the sultry brief, the gentleman thief – they all live in the Rotten Apple.

But who is the mysterious new killer stalking through the seedy core of the city?

Reader Reviews

“Don’t read this in a public place, you won’t be able to stop yourself laughing out loud. It reminds me of Douglas Adams, the careful plotting mixed with those absurdities and jokes that sneak up and make you snort tea through your nose. Hilarious.”
“A stirring and fast-paced action spectacular from start to finish. Parodying the conventions of classic pulp. Great fun!”

“Will make you laugh out loud. Perfect!”

“This Rotten Apple is a Peach!”

“A noir masterpiece.”

“Wisecracking and fun.”

Available now in paperback and for your Kindle.

Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple
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