Some Impressions For You

Well, I did it. I say down exactly a year ago today and made a vow to myself that I would write something on this website every day, no matter what. And I succeeded for a whole year. I’m pretty proud of that. Now for another year.

To celebrate, I will now share with you something I’ve never shared with anyone before.

I’m really good at impressions.

So, here are some impressions for you.

First up, an easy, recognisable one. It’s Al Pacino, from the film The Devil’s Advocate.


And from the same movie, this is Keanu Reeves.


Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree, but those two are easy starters. There seems to be a stable of people that all impressionists do, probably because the voices are so recognisable. You don’t hear impressions of people like David Duchovny though. So, here’s my David Duchovny.

“I’m David Duchovny.”

It’s subtle, so like all good impressionists, I tell you who the impression if of as I’m doing the impression. That way, you know who it is, and it doesn’t have to be all that good.

This one is a bit more esoteric. It’s an impression of a traffic light.

“STOP! … Not yeeeet. GO!”


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