Behind The Scenes Of Jonathan Creek

It’s a bit quiet, but worth a look.

I’m having difficulty dating this clip. It’s probably from the shoot for series 3, which aired at the end of 1999. It might be from the show TV’s Greatest Hits, but this clip from that shows a different set, and Gaby is on her feet.

Anyone know?

Anyway, I love this photo.



Bob Monkhouse In Splott

Before we get to Splott, let’s have a look at two wonderful interviews with Bob. The first is with Wogan, from 1984.

And the second is from 1993 with Danny Baker.

The show referred to as being weird and bad is Bob’s Your Uncle, a remake of the Dutch show Ron’s Honeymoon Quiz. Bob would rerecord topical jokes closer to transmission, and they would be edited into the show.

And now onto Splott. This clip speaks for itself, and, being from 1964, is very much of its time, though it’s interesting as a time capsule, and Bob always likes talking about his craft.

Bob’s Full House Christmas Special 1989

Here’s fun.

Take a moment to remember how lovely that BBC globe is, then enjoy the show.

I wish I could find it, but I can’t – I once saw Bob’s note cards for his jokes on one episode of this show. Shame. If you can link me up, let me know.

Have they edited the end of a joke out? The pawnbrokers …?

This is interesting too.


Gagtag was a comedy panel show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, with team captains Bob Monkhouse and Frank Skinner. It ran for two series between 1994 and 1996. It was devised by Tracey McLeod.

Look how many sitcoms they trailed before this, only one of which you probably don’t remember.

I can’t make my mind up if the panellists are standing up or not.

Nice Day At The Office was written by Paul Shearer and Richard Turner, and found a home at 10pm in the Autumn of 1994. It only lasted one series.

I know the photo below is from Room 101, but that’s the same suit Bob is wearing in the above clip. He was in the first episode, which aired in July of 1994, and I wonder if the two shows were recorded close to one another.