The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour

Hey, remember that time when Rod Hull and Emu were on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?


Well, they were.

That is one of the most incongruous things I have ever seen, and I only saw it because of a reply to a tweet on someone else’s timeline pointing to this article. Have a read, it’s well worth your time.

In it there’s mention of Rod Hull’s short-lived stint on the ABC network show The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour, which also starred a young Arsenio Hall.

I love that this promo ran in the middle of The Making of Superman II.

The show itself aired on Tuesday nights for one season.

Robin Williams On Des O’Connor Tonight

I don’t think I ever really watched Des O’Connor Tonight, but more than any other chat show host I think, he seemed to support stand up comedy. He had Letterman, Seinfeld, and Leno on well before they were household names in the States for instance. Here’s Robin Williams though, at the height of his fame, promoting Mrs. Doubtfire.

Here’s Des himself appearing on an episode of Pebble Mill At One, much to the amusement of an on-looking June Whitfield.


What I wouldn’t give for a full orchestral and choral version of this theme tune.

Talking of great theme tunes … Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s is fantastic, and just listen to it being used to full effect in this.

Now, imagine that Jimbo theme given the same treatment.