What’s The Opposite Of A Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?

Time once more for an episode of setisoppO, the podcast in which we work out the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. This time round, we ponder on the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, on Spackle, and on YouTube.


In case you need to know what a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is, here’s a handy primer.

And continuing my assertion that all adverts from the 1980s are absolutely terrifying, here’s one for PolyFilla.

If you want to see the first ever video uploaded to YouTube, you’re in luck.

Eamon, Older Brother Of Jesus

It began as a recurring sketch on Alan’s Big 1FM, and was written by its star Michael Redmond.

It later reappeared with more instalments on Shuttleworth’s Showtime. But come late October 1996, Eamon, Older Brother Of Jesus, was due to become its own 15 minute show on BBC Radio 4.

It never aired.

The premise of the show was that the Holy Family was Irish and had left for Israel, where Mary gave birth to two sons, Jesus and Eamon. The latter is constantly overshadowed by his younger brother and bitterly complains to his father Joseph … [I]t quickly raised the ire of the British Sunday Times … [which] was able to persuade the BBC to drop the series.

Incorrect Entertainment by Anthony Slide

Michael talks about this on this podcast.

How To Fire Donald Duck

Probably not the best way to fire one of your biggest stars.

This is a sketch from The Carol Burnett Show, which was a huge hit for CBS in the 70s. It never really caught on here in the UK, and only managed a 13 episode run on BBC2, although 244 episodes were made.

Vic & Bob On Jools Holland’s Happening

Before he did Later with the BBC, Jools Holland made his Happening for BSB in 1990-91, before it moved to Channel Four for a further 12 episodes. Here we see an audience at first baffled by Vic & Bob, and then charmed and won over.

What we don’t see is all the stuff that has been imprecisely excised by the edit. I wonder what was missing, why it was cut, and how much of the reaction is manufactured in the edit. Interesting.