A Khan Of Coffee

So, you wander downstairs in need of coffee, feeling lethargic, and not really having enough energy to start the day. You make a nice cup of coffee. You lug it all the way back upstairs to the office and slump into the chair, ready for a day of keyboard staring and unwriting.

You wait.

Ready to savour that first sip of coffee.

And when you finally succumb, you realise you forgot to put sugar in it.

More Amazing TV From Brian Clough

After yesterday’s extraordinary piece of television, here’s another one, and it won’t surprise you to learn it features Brian Clough again. This time, a little older, and a little more world-weary.

Motson is massively out of his depth here, and he flounders to answer Clough’s accurate critique of sports coverage – coverage that has become ten times worse in the following years. When so much money is spent on rights, the only way to make it financially viable is turn it into a four hour presentation that eats up schedules. And it’s to the detriment of good coverage.

Goodbye Mr Clough

This is extraordinary.

It’s a Yorkshire Television Calendar Special, made when Brian Clough was sacked after just 44 days as the manager of Leeds United. It forms the basis of the film The Damned United, which I watched last night, wondering if the scene in the film ever actually happened. The film took some dramatic liberties of course, but the show did take place, and if you ask me, it is even more interesting and dramatic than the film has time to explore.

I can’t imagine something like this making it to the air when it comes to the sanitised world of sports coverage these days.

Tomorrow’s World Of CGI

I like this clip, but there’s too much CGI in it.

This made me think of the Tomorrow’s World title sequences, the first one I personally remember being this, which always unsettled me somewhat.

It’s that music and the image of the brain that does it. It soon changed to something a bit more friendly.

The number of techniques in that sequence is amazing.

Then it all got a bit 90s.

I never saw this older one though.

We’re All Idiot Sandwiches

On yesterday’s setisoppO, we mentioned this moment.

Now, I know this was a parody of his own show on The Late Late Show with James Corden, but it got me thinking. First, it put me in mind of this.

And because my mind tends to focus on comedy things it can remember, it then led me on to this.

It seems odd that we watch the real versions of these shows in high numbers. Like Dragon’s Den for example, where we watch people with ideas and aspirations go cap in hand to rich knobs who sit there in judgement, while everyone else does all the work. They might as well look like Mr Creosote, and have someone peeling grapes for them.

This is how it should be done.

Or this.

Aim up, not down.

(It seems I make all my points using comedy clips.)