Gotta Toshiba?

For obvious reasons, I often conflate these two things.

And the Ian Dury sung Toshiba advert.

I would have bet money that Alexei’s single reached number one for a while, but apparently it only ever got to number 15 in the charts.

So, my question is this:

Is the Toshiba version an official re-writing of the original, or is it a sneaky rip off?

What’s The Opposite Of Lara Croft?

So, here we are with another brand new episode of my podcast setisoppO, in which we work out what’s the opposite of something that doesn’t have a natural opposite. This week, we ponder on fur coats, orange, and Lara Croft, and make a continuity error in the process, for anyone keeping track.


I can’t find the interview with Mark Wing-Davey that Iszi mentions, so you will just have to imagine him in his lovely dressing gown.

Rather foolishly, I tried to make a short Facebook Live video to plug the episode, and it all went tits up. Enjoy my shame. And pain.

A Khan Of Coffee

So, you wander downstairs in need of coffee, feeling lethargic, and not really having enough energy to start the day. You make a nice cup of coffee. You lug it all the way back upstairs to the office and slump into the chair, ready for a day of keyboard staring and unwriting.

You wait.

Ready to savour that first sip of coffee.

And when you finally succumb, you realise you forgot to put sugar in it.