Spitting Creme Eggs

It’s a cream egg surely? But let’s not get into that.

Here’s a mid 90s campaign for Creme Eggs featuring the puppets of Spitting Image.

The implication at the end being, am I wrong, that Piggot humps his?

A charge they are so sure of, they repeat it in the second advert.

Now I wanted Creme Egg branded shoes.

A year or two later, and the puppets gave way to Matt Lucas.

And just because no-one remembers that the packaging used to have green on it too.


Ads & Walters

Some Julie Walters adverts for us all to enjoy.

Only joking, it’s good for morale. But it’s interesting that this is a play on the same advert trope from The Young Ones. Anyone know what it’s actually spoofing?

Anyway. Moving on.

Is it me, or does Glist sound like a rude word?

Count the references in this one.

Christopher Buyin’

There are more adverts we need to talk about. Firstly, this one, featuring the voice of Christopher Ryan, from around 1986.

Who is this advert aimed at? Who are Del and Harry, and why are they turning the Financial Times newspaper into a pub?

Next, Mark Williams is just inherently funny.

Here’s Ray Winstone in some of the best make up you’ve ever seen. And when they say tasty, they mean they make you shit better.

The teachers in this school are just weird.

I’d forgotten Paul Whitehouse did some ads for Aviva. I do wonder though if this is Brilliant in his 60s.

And this one is basically saying when you die, Aviva will help you haunt your family and make their lives terrifying.