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Is it possible for a sitcom to have a personality?

Newsradio wasn’t given the most auspicious of starts. Although it was commissioned on the spot, two scenes into the pilot recording, by network boss Warren Littlefield, it only had a seven episode first season commitment. And things went downhill from there.

But when I first found it on The Paramount Comedy Channel, I was hooked, and haven’t forgotten it ever since.

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Music by Kevin McLeod, Poddington Bears, Anonymous 420, and James S Levine
Interview with Maura Tierney here.
Interview with Hugh Wilson here.
Interview with Mary Tyler Moore here.
Interview with James Burrows here.
Oral History of Newsradio here.
Features extracts from The Martin Short Show, Something Wilder, WKRP In Cinncinati, The Office, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Newsradio.

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