Did Alan Partridge Nearly Buy Mrs Warboys’ House?

Let’s preface this nonsense with two things. First, in universe, of course Alan didn’t. He was looking at a house in Norfolk, and Mrs Warboys lives somewhere else.

Second, I always presumed that the house viewing scene from A Room With An Alan was shot on location.

But on the DVD commentary track, Armando Iannucci confirms that this set was in the studio, and the rest is on location. They’ve done an excellent job of matching it all.

So, did they re-use some of the set pieces from Mrs Warboys’ house in the One Foot In The Grave episode The Worst Horror Of All?

The first thing to note is how the addition of a ceiling really adds a verisimilitude to the set, and allows for a much lower shooting angle.

But that forty-five degree double door piece leaps out as something a bit more unusual for a studio sitcom – in both series.

The banisters and rails certainly look similar too, even if the staircase itself is different.

I get the impression that I’m Alan Partridge used the alcove Mrs Warboys is stood in to wall off another room, which is glimpsed later.

Anyway, what do you think?

Some shared elements or am I imagining things?

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