Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Nine

Behind the ninth door we find the sitcom 9 To 5, which was based on the movie of the same name. Dolly Parton’s role was taken by her younger sister. Parton also produced the first season of the show, though a cover version of her own song was used for that first year. Subsequent seasons used the original.

Unusually, a few years after the show was cancelled by ABC, it was picked up again by Fox for a new syndication run, taking the total number of episodes from 33 to 118.

If you can think of a better title than I Tell You It’s Burt Reynolds, then well done you. This video is a terrible mash up thing, but you get to see the lovely Yorkshire ident, and the title sequence from The Galton & Simpson Playhouse at least.

Another one off episode from the same writers, but in a format is Impasse, starring Bernard Cribbins for the BBC in 1963.

Another Thora Hird show, also for Yorkshire, is In Loving Memory, which ran for five series over 17 years. It was set in an undertaker’s, and was written by Dick Sharples (just like Hallelujah! from yesterday).

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