Some Stuff I’ve Made Recently

So that I’m not sat at my keyboard all day, every day, I like to get out into the garage and make things – usually out of wood. Here are a few of the latest abominations to emerge from the sawdust.

I think this is one of the nicest bowls I’ve ever made, and it’s nothing to do with my acumen with a gouge. It’s just a lovely piece of Yew, with a nice cream splash on one side (don’t be dirty), polished to a smooth finish.

I tried making some wooden jewellery too, and this is the best I could come up with. I like board games, and this is called a Meeple, which is a universal playing piece in the board gaming world.

I found an old picnic table on the side of the road, and was amazed by the quality of the teak wood. So I dragged it home, dismantled it, and put all the wood to one side to slowly make things with. Here’s one of the early attempts at a desk tidy. As you can see the joints aren’t perfect, partly due to the nature of the wood, but mostly because I am inept.

And here’s a great big fat bastard bowl I made from Sycamore. Having a huge chunk of wood like this spinning at 1600rpm on the lathe is scary stuff, but it turned into something rather nice.

What have you made recently. Tweet me, and show me, I’d love to see it.

Or see more of these things on my Etsy shop.

That Time Eddie Izzard Wrote A Sitcom About Cows

It’s long overdue, so we’re having a look at another vintage magazine from the 1990s. This time it’s issue #56 of TV Zone, from July of 1994. Here’s the cover, which should please some of you.

But as usual, it’s the News pages that provide the most interest. Following on from the previous edition’s speculation that Alan Rickman had been cast as the new Doctor Who in the Spielberg produced US TV version, this time it falls to Eric Idle to deny any involvement.

He issued a statement after a news paper reported he had been offered the role, and a per episode salary of upwards of $70,000.

Reluctant though I am to forgo the enormous salary The Mail On Sunday has awarded me, I must nevertheless decline, as I make a point never to accept a job I have not been offered.

You can also see (if you click the image to enlarge it), that Peter O’Toole was rumoured to be in the new show too, perhaps as the Doctor’s father.

Moving on though, we remind ourselves of less voyeuristic times, with the announcement that Michael O’Hare would not be returning for the second series of Babylon 5.

“Various opportunities have opened up for the actor, and he has decided to move on.” The real story is much more sad, and can be found here.

It’s the Forthcoming section that provides the most intriguing things though.┬áThe first few titles mentioned did make it to the air, including ReBoot.

As did Samson Superslug.

As did Spellbinder.

But what about that pilot for Eddie Izzard’s sitcom about a cow revolution in the 1930s? That never got made, surely? Well, it did, though I don’t think it ever made it to the air.

What’s The Opposite Of Sprinkles?

It’s Friday, which means I foist upon you another meaningless episode of my pointless podcast setisoppO. In it, we figure out the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. Like this week, we wonder about the opposite of sprinkles, tongues, and Pandora.

Somehow, we manage to reference Jam again, sorry.

This is what sprinkles look like in slow motion.

And here’s the opening title sequence to the Adrian Mole TV show.

A Good Movie To Watch?

I’m trying to watch a movie every day at the moment, and I want to broaden my horizons and watch things I’ve never seen, or things I might never consider watching. Asking friends for recommendations is a useful way of doing this, but because they’re your friends, chances are, they have similar tastes to you, and you might be limiting your scope somewhat.

So I’m giving the site A Good Movie To Watch a try, and so far, it seems a useful resource.

Likewise, the book based version Project Alexandria is throwing up some nice titles to read.

By the way, nobody watches a movie like this …

It’s more like this …