Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Ten

We might expect to find The 10%ers behind door ten, the Grant Naylor created Carlton sitcom from the mid 1990s, originally piloted at part of their Comedy Playhouse revival.

But we don’t. Instead, within the foil wrapping we discover Jackson Pace: The Great Years.

Wait, hang on, Andy Crane was on CITV?

Anyway, Jackson Pace was written by Daniel Peacock, who also starred in it alongside the lead Keith Allen, and Josie Lawrence. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this.

Something else that criminally passed me by was Jim Tavare Pictures Presents …

This series of short, silent comedies found a home on BBC2 at 10.20pm at the beginning of 1995. So beautifully produced.

Seems like the calendar is taunting me today with things I would enjoy but have never seen. Thus it continues with The Jimmy Stewart Show (Jimmy Stewart had a sitcom??).

No wonder I never saw this, as it only aired in the UK in London, in a graveyard slot, four years before I was born.

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