Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Eight

We’ll do some H’s today …

Behind door number eight, wrapped in shiny space foil, we find the Australian kid’s sitcom Halfway Across The Galaxy And Turn Left, based on the novel by Robin Klein.

Nestling alongside that is an ITV sitcom starring Thora Hird that I had quite forgotten about.

Hallelujah! was written by Dick Sharples, and aired for two series in the mind 80s.

Another ITV show from around the same time, albeit a year earlier, was The Happy Apple, based on a play by Jack Pulman, and written by Keith Waterhouse.

Gosh that Thames ident is still gorgeous.

Anyway, this one starred Leslie Ash and John Nettleton, and was about a group of ad execs down on the their luck who were helped by a genius … hang on.

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