Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Seven

There’s an interesting one nestling behind door seven of the calendar. And that’s 704 Hauser (704 Hauser Street in the UK).

Interesting because Norman Lear took the address of his mega-hit All In The Family (a loose remake of Til Death Us Do Part), and had a new cast of characters move in. It didn’t go well, and was cancelled after only five episodes.

Not to be confused with the recent movie, Seven Year Hitch was a BBC sitcom from 1966, written by Fred Robinson. It was a one off in the Comedy Playhouse strand.

And talking of pilot serieses (not sure how to write the plural of series), and harking (geddit) back to yesterday, let’s not forget Seven Of One, with Ronnie Barker. As well as spawning Open All Hours and Porridge, Gerald Frow wrote My Old Man, Roy Clarke did another entry called Spanner’s Eleven, Hugh Leonard came up with Another Fine Mess, and Jack Goetz (actually Barker himself) wrote One Man’s Meat. And Clement & Le Frenais also wrote I’ll Fly You For A Quid, all about a missing betting slip.

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