Thought Vomit #4: ft. Day Four

I’ve started to badger my toothpaste even more now, finding excuses to brush my teeth at every opportunity: after a cup of coffee; because there’s a bit of apple stuck in my molar; because I might need to lick someone else’s teeth later. But the damn tube just keeps producing this green minty goo. I think someone is creeping in at night and topping it up.

So it’s day four of my Calvin & Hobbes Be Productive challenge, and I now have the first drafts of four new bits of stand up. I think there are enough ideas in what I’ve come up with so far to get some mileage out of them, even if ultimately they are much pared down.

The first two bits I wrote were quite miserable in tone, deliberately, so today I decided to write a bit that was positive. It’s an interesting exercise to impose such restrictions on yourself, but it does sometimes take you to a place you would never have explored. Essentially, I wrote a bit that painted me in a negative way, but gave it a positive spin.

Last night, as I was watching Wallander (which is very good, and you should catch up with it on iPlayer (it’s production values make it feel like Morse lives in Sweden (is that too many ellipses?))) and I found myself chewing my glass of Coke. Apparently I do this a lot. I bite liquid receptacles. One day, a glass will shatter in my gob.

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