The Memory Machine

I don’t have that Timehop thing enabled on Facebook – the one that reminds you of posts you made on this day in the past. So I’ve made my own. By simply Googling random dates, here I post the top image search result.

From my birthday:

It’s a picture of a Cessna brum brum plane that someone took at the exact moment I was born (probably).

From the day I got run over:

It’s um … a screenshot from … uh … Dynasty or something.

From a random day in the October half term of 1989:

It’s an Audi Quattro Formaggio Pizza in black and white for some reason.

From my first day at University:

It’s a story about Humphrey the mouser cat from Downing Street, who had been presumed missing, if not dead, but was returned to John Majors looking all cute in a cage.

From my last day at University:

It’s a photo of a Fokker plane, taken no doubt as I folded up my pants and packed them in a suitcase.

From my 30th birthday:

It’s a photo that was taken that day of a plaque at Littlehampton Station, which seems to have been officially opened by a Mr Ian Butcher, in June of 1983.

From the day I joined Twitter:

It’s the Foxy Sculler Muldy man on his way to an appearance on David Postman’s Late Into The Night show on CBeebies. Live from New York.

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