Behind The Scenes At Newsradio

After a shitty and frankly frightening week, finding this was a little oasis of loveliness. It’s some Hi-8 camcorder footage, filmed by some guy (possibly a writer or one of the writers’ friends) on the sound stage at the evening record for an episode of Newsradio.

If you haven’t seen Newsradio, you should try and seek it out and have a look. Not only does it have the always brilliant Dave Foley in the lead, you’ll meet a young Maura Tierney, Kandi Alexander, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, Vicki Lewis, and two sublime performances from Phil Hartman and Stephen Root.

The series was created by Paul Simm, and aired for five season on NBC, somehow staying on the air in spite of itself.

This footage was taken during the filming of episode 23 of season 3. The episode is called The Mistake.

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