You Won’t Believe You Read This

My brain is blanking on ideas for a post today. I could do one about boardgames that I’ve played recently and really liked, but it would be quicker to just say New York 1901, Baseball Highlights 2045, Quadropolis, and Viticulture.

I also considered doing another secret history of a big name company, but when one Google’s things about companies with secret histories, you bump up against all kinds of Illuminati bullshit.

So instead I Googled the term ‘good blog post ideas’ and everyone seems to agree that people like lists.

Here then, is a list of all the things on my desk, in no particular order.

  • A red USB stick (contents unknown)
  • A honey dipper I made on the lathe
  • A jar of Tiger sperm
  • An Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Card
  • A coprolite
  • Shergar’s horseshoe
  • A Samson CO1U
  • Apollo 13 (the movie)
  • Apollo 13 (the actual rocket)
  • A key to a car I wrote off ten years ago
  • An old sugar pot
  • The original Gnostic Gospels
  • A Nokia Xpress Music (dead)
  • A key to a car I scrapped eight years ago
  • The Joy Of Sex (pop up edition (sponsored by Viagra))
  • A small spirit level
  • Dust
  • Roger Explosion



3 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe You Read This

  • May 24, 2016 at 10:57 am

    You have a cat!?

  • May 25, 2016 at 10:23 am


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