Thought Vomit #103: Ballooning Pscience

So, the Balloon Boy was in the attic all along, and the Sherriff doesn’t think it was a hoax. That’s how things stand as I up chuck this brain think.

It’s interesting to me that the father is being described as a stormchaser, with very little attention being focused on his quack-pot ideologies. Even if the whole thing wasn’t a hoax, I strongly suspect that the balloon was going to be filmed as “evidence” of UFOs for his show The Psience Detectives.

At the moment, the website has completely disappeared, but there are still a number of clips of it on YouTube.

Among the whack-job ideas presented in these shows:

– There is a secret planet in the solar system the Government won’t tell us about because it’s due to hit Earth in 2012.

– The ancient Mayans knew more about astronomy than NASA does.

– FEMA are building huge prisons all over the United States, but they’re all empty.

– Bill Gates and the Rockerfellers have built an underwater vault in Norway to hide in when the planet floods.

– The US Air Force has drilled a tunnel from New York to Los Angeles in which Mag Trains run at 14,000 miles per hour.

The child, Falcon, is asked on CNN why he didn’t come out when he was called, and he replies, “You guys said, we did it for the show.”

Make of that what you will. He got so tired of all the interviews throughout the day, he actually vomited. And unsurprisingly, no one on the Today show decided to call a halt to the interview. I’m not linking to that clip.

This is what it looks like when vultures get in to a circle jerk. Maybe the Psience Detectives are right, maybe this is the end of the world.

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