Leaving Letterman

This is a little maudlin, and a little bit of nothing really, but there are some nice behind the scenes nuggets to be found within.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the best comic actors in the world, and watching her go to the writers for a better line is great. And also seeing her and Jerry’s reaction to the line as pitched is a nice insight into any comedy writing room … that nod, and the ‘that’s funny’ is so familiar.

Here’s the moment on screen. Jerry does a good job of adding more to the joke.

Part two begins with a bit that feels like a Late Night moment, complete with great ad lib at the end.

Of course, Dave left a show before, and I’m not talking about his final Late Night for NBC. He also did it in March of 1993, with half an hour of the episode still to go.


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