Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Twenty

There’s been the memory of a sitcom tickling at the inside of my head for a few years now, and I could never remember the title, and it was hard to Google because I was convinced someone else wrote it.

Taking The Floor starred Barbara Durkin and Matthew Cottle as a pair of ballroom dancers. Written by Paul Makin, it was an Alomo production for the BBC, and only lasted one series.

At least that’s that memory itch scratched.

What else can we find behind the little door today?

How about this?

I like the profuse apology to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle there. As you can see, Roland Rat starred in this children’s sitcom, written by Dominic MacDonald and David Claridge (the voice of the rat).

Gosh, and here’s another one that fell out of my brain, and it’s nice to be reminded about.

That’s Love ran for 26 episodes over four series, and was made by TVS for ITV. I suspect I watched this mainly because Tony Slattery and Neil Pearson were in it, although I literally have no memory of the show outside of the title, the theme tune, and the fact it starred Jimmy Mulville.

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