Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Five

Sometimes a dip into the more unknown sitcoms is fun, especially when you unwrap a possible tasty gem.

Behind door five we find The 5 Mrs Buchanans (it’s going to be impossible to keep up with this number theming). This one ran for 17 episodes on CBS in 1994-5, was created by Jamie Wooten and Marc Cherry, and starred Eileen Heckart.

It was originally titled The Four Mrs Buchanans.

500 Bus Stops (at least there’s a five in there somewhere), was a John Shuttleworth vehicle, on BBC2 in 1997.

We’ll take a quick side-step into sketch comedy though, with Five Alive.

Made by TVS, in the late 80s, it stars Brian Conley and Doon Mackichan.

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