Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Four

There’s an absolutely delicious nugget waiting for us behind door four of the sitcom advent calendar today. Just have a look at this from the final episode of series four of The Brittas Empire.

That crane show showing the destruction of the leisure centre is absolutely astonishing.

Here’s a nice quirk of fate, nestling in some foil wrapping. There were two one off sitcoms, one called For Richer … For Poorer, the other called For Richer For Poorer.

The former starred Harry H Corbett and was written by Johnny Speight. It aired on the BBC in June of 1975. It was wiped. WIPED.

The latter followed on ITV six weeks later, and starred George Layton and Ian Ogilvy. It was written by Jon Watkins.

And as a bonus, we also get a glimpse of The Four Seasons, a CBS sitcom with Alan Alda, circa 1984. He also created the series, and wrote some of it too – developed from his own 1981 movie of the same name.

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