French, Saunders And Wogan

This is a great interview, from a 1984 episode of Wogan. It starts with the question he was always asking comedians at the time, and goes uphill from there. Dawn and Jennifer briefly mention the rescheduling of The Entertainers, which you can read about here.

I can’t help thinking they are improvising a sketch as they chat, and I wonder if this is a rare window into their writing process (before series 6 of the show).

It’s also great to see them dip in and out of stage sketches that they would have been doing at the time.

Nice to hear them talking about writing Girls On Top, quite a while before it finally made it to air.

Looks like this is from the episode that aired on 10th March 1984, and also featured Roger Cook and David Essex.

French, Saunders And Wogan



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