Go Mini Figure

The invasion happened slowly. It took decades and happened right before our eyes, yet no-one saw it coming.

Some people claimed they’d seen it coming, after the fact, when we were all locked in our basements, cowering from the invaders, not knowing what our fates would be, and what their end game was. Those people were liars of course.

The invaders had been in our homes, in the dozens, day after day, while we were chasing insects and worrying about geographical threats. They waited for their time, just watching us, never moving, always staring. Learning what we were about, learning our strengths, learning our weaknesses.

And somehow, they even made a series of high profile propaganda movies, that we all lapped up as entertainment, all the while they were prepping us for the day when the invasion would begin in earnest.

It’s been two years since the Lego Mini Figures came to life and started murdering us in our sleep.

There aren’t many of us left now.

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