What’s The Opposite Of Tomato Ketchup?

It’s Friday, so that can mean only one thing. It’s time for the latest episode of setisoppO, the podcast where we work out the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. This week, we tackle tomato ketchup, Canada, and newspapers.


It’s not like me to have a favourite advert, or advertising campaign, but I do. And it’s this.

Except it’s not. Because these adverts were re-dubbed by Simon Pegg for the UK.

And are all the better for it, and for the lack of music. But still, this isn’t my favourite advert. That’s this one, which I have never been able to find online before now.

I have no idea why I like that so much, but I do. The other instalments in the series never stuck with me, but here are a couple more.

And this one, which has a different voice over altogether for some reason.

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