What’s The Opposite Of Netflix?

It’s probably obvious, but here’s the podcast in which we discuss this anyway.

We also wonder about the opposite of tissues, and the Harry Potter franchise. I mention this Percy Jackson movie:

I suggested it was a bit of a flop, and that the franchise potential died. I was wrong. Turns out the first movie made plenty of money, and a second one was made too.

This one also made a couple of hundred millions squids.

In retrospect then, I don’t think I meant Percy Jackson. I think I meant Alex Rider.

What’s The Opposite Of The Good Life?


Doing the weekly podcast setisoppO is a lot of fun, not least because I end up learning something new every time. On this episode, I learn the boiling point of salt.

I posed the problem, what’s the opposite of the BBC sitcom The Good Life?┬áIn doing so, I made reference to this advert.

And this scene from Hot Fuzz.