What’s The Opposite Of Pizza?

It’s time for another lovely episode of the podcast of opposites, with the oddly esoteric title of setisoppO.


In this week’s episode we reference the Teenage Mutant Ninja (not Hero) Turtles, as well as do our best to ruin an Iggy Pop classic. For some reason, our discussion reminded me of this though.

Which is of course, from this movie.

What’s The Opposite Of Sexting?

You dirty thing. Why would that title interest you at all? Well, because it’s one of the subjects of this week’s episode of setisoppO, the podcast of opposites, and you are cordially invited to listen in voyeuristically as we discuss it.

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What’s The Opposite Of Robocop?

Time for our weekly dose of opposites. On setisoppO this week, we wonder what is the opposite of Robocop, of turnips, and of Cake Boss.

I didn’t know what Cake Boss was, so I had to watch some clips on YouTube. Here’s one such clip.

And just to remind you, in case you missed a past post about it, there was a Saturday morning cartoon version of Robocop. The perfect format, medium, and demographic for him, I trust you’ll agree.

What’s The Opposite Of Thundercats?

Here’s another lovely episode of the delightful podcast that everyone loves, setisoppO.


This week, thanks to listener suggestions, we talk about the opposite of Thundercats, we explore the kinky world of Egg Whisks, and delve into the glitz and glamour of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Along the way, we examine the deeper meanings within the sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo.