What’s The Opposite Of Sprinkles?

It’s Friday, which means I foist upon you another meaningless episode of my pointless podcast setisoppO. In it, we figure out the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. Like this week, we wonder about the opposite of sprinkles, tongues, and Pandora.

Somehow, we manage to reference Jam again, sorry.

This is what sprinkles look like in slow motion.

And here’s the opening title sequence to the Adrian Mole TV show.

What’s The Opposite Of Yawning?

We recorded another episode of setisoppO, in which we work out the opposite of yawning, chameleons, and Taekwondo.

The thing we get stuck on, trying to remember, is the Hypercolor T-Shirt. Here’s a creepy advert for them.

And here’s the Jam sketch about lizards that we reference.

And this is the original radio version from Blue Jam.


What’s The Opposite Of Netflix?

It’s probably obvious, but here’s the podcast in which we discuss this anyway.

We also wonder about the opposite of tissues, and the Harry Potter franchise. I mention this Percy Jackson movie:

I suggested it was a bit of a flop, and that the franchise potential died. I was wrong. Turns out the first movie made plenty of money, and a second one was made too.

This one also made a couple of hundred millions squids.

In retrospect then, I don’t think I meant Percy Jackson. I think I meant Alex Rider.