Sink Or Swim

I’m having a weird morning. I decided to have another delve in to the Radio Times Guide To TV Comedy. Rather than a random page, I used today’s date, and on page 611, I found the Peter Davison and Robert Glenister show Sink Or Swim.

Apparently, this show was filmed in Bristol, as was The Young Ones and Only Fools And Horses.

But what was weird is that this is the first clip I found of the show …

… and I’ve watched that before. I distinctly remember the bad chroma key background in the shop. So sure was I that I had written about it before, that I searched my own site for it, and found nothing.

What’s more, it was produced by Gareth Gwenlan, which is a name that crops up on Red Dwarf as an insult. So, am I having a massive bout of deja-vu, or have I written this whole blog before?

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