Thought Vomit #110: ft. Homeopathic Tendencies

I’ve been diagnosed as a homeopath.

It’s a diluted form of sociopathy or psychopathy apparently, and I display some classic homeopathic tendencies.

I show a certain amount of detachment from reality, I make palpably false statements, I take a lot but give back very little, I chronically fail to take responsibility for harming others, and I need constant stimulation to be effective.


But here’s the really weird bit. The only cure for Homeopathy can be found in western evidence based medicine. But I don’t trust that, as you can imagine, what with Big Pharma and their politician sized pockets. I bet the pill they want to give me is just a placebo anyway, designed to make me ‘feel better’ for the maximum mark up in profit.

Apparently thousands of Homeopaths function normally in every day society, so I’m not alone.

It’s comforting however, to think that such a tiny proportion of the people mingling together are homeopaths, and that the chances are I won’t really bump into one. It makes me feel a bit special.

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