Killer Of Hogs’ Cornflakes

Chatting to a friend about the etymology of names, and how it’s quite common to name a character, then look up their name and discover that the meaning of the name reflects a characteristic of said character, he came across this fun fact.

Kellogg, you know, like the bloke who done the cereals to stop people playing with themselves, means the killer of hogs.

It’s the occupational name of a pork butcher from the medieval times.

I’m off to enjoy a nice bowl of Killer Of Hogs’ Cornflakes.

That fact about cornflakes being invented to stop people jiggling their wiggly bits brings a new dimension to the strap line in this incredibly sexist ad from the 1950s:

Not sure how splashing white creamy stuff all over your breakfast is meant to stop you thinking about mastering your own domain, but there you go.


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