Why Don’t They Collect Letters When They Deliver Letters?

Every day, someone comes to your door and slips all sorts of things through your letter box, or stuffs all sorts of things into your mailbox. And every day, that same person walks away empty handed.

And sometimes, you have something inside the house that you need to carry to a box in the street, where you just put in it and leave it, expecting someone dressed like the person that comes to your door every day, to come and pick it up out of the box.

I can’t be the only person that thinks this is inefficient.

Why doesn’t the person who comes to your house every day just pick up the thing you need to mail, and take it back with them?

It just needs a lockable box by the door, with a little flag that you stick in the air to let them know it’s got a letter inside.

What am I missing? Why don’t they do this?

Anyway, here’s a sketch I once wrote about the mail.

(That’s not the title I gave the sketch, that’s just what some bootlegger on YouTube called it.

Also, the best joke in this, isn’t something I wrote. “I don’t speak lexical” is a great line, and I wish I knew who came up with it.)

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