Too Much CGI?

We all hear it being said, and maybe we’ve even said it ourselves. There’s too much CGI in modern movies. It ruins them. When you can do anything, or see anything, it just ends up feeling like a computer game.

Except, that’s bullshit.

CGI is just another tool in the arsenal for movie makers, and the people who wield those tools the best, do so in the aid of telling their stories. In the same way they use lighting, or foley. You might as well berate a screenwriter for using Final Draft instead of a typewriter.

Which movie has more CGI in it? Godzilla or The Social Network.

That’s right, The Social Network.

I always hold up David Fincher as the counterpoint to too much CGI in movies. I defy you to spot a single CGI shot among the hundreds strewn throughout Zodiac.

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