What Was On Telly The Day I Went To University?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really enjoy my first term at University, and spent a lot of it in the editing suite making my own fun, or in my room watching a portable black and white television. I would have missed most of what was on TV the day I arrived there though, and this is what I didn’t see, thanks to the BBC Genome Project.

There was a repeat in the morning of Dallas: The Final Years, which I guess is just another way of saying the last season. Then a bit later there was something called Won More Time, which looks to be a compilation of clips from game shows. On this particular day, it focused on the show Who’s Bluffing Who?.

And after Animal Hospital and some other gubbins, another quiz show popped up, this one called That’s News To Me. Then the usual run of news, weather, Neighbours, and Knot’s Landing, before Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cakes, and another quiz called The Great British Quiz, hosted by Phillip Hayton.

Later in the evening Noel Edmond’s bought us another episode of Telly Addicts.

I’ve no idea if this was the cosier sofa-based version, or the more glitzy game show type one at this point, but I’m sure someone can tell me.

At half eight though, we were treated to a Best Of The Kenny Everett Television Shows compilation. Then a bit later Billy Connolly continued his World Tour Of Scotland. Omnibus introduced us to Enigma and Robert Harris, a show which I remember seeing, so maybe I was already back in my room by that time. After which, Barry Norman reviewed Forget Paris and Funny Bones, and looked back at the year 1955 on Film 95.

Over on BBC Two, after Prince Valiant and Harry and the Hendersons, Playdays stopped at the Why Bird Stop. Working Lunch was on a bit later, and that’s when Adrian Chiles was still good on the telly.

In a genius piece of scheduling, the Grand Prix highlights were preceded by an episode of Brum. Kudos BBC Two, Kudos.

Today’s The Day, a quiz hosted by Martin Lewis which I watched the crap out of, was sandwiched between the Indoor Bowls coverage.


At six, Space Precinct came on, the Gerry Anderson show, which was on its second episode by this time. And at nine, my favourite episode of The X Files was first broadcast on British TV. It was Duane Barry.

After which Michael Moore attempted to get politician’s to hug him on TV Nation. This segment in fact:

What I remember most about TV Nation was Michael’s promo segments that he filmed for the BBC, aired before Newsnight, trailering his show afterwards. I’m convinced he called Jeremy Paxman a bastard in one of them.

I wish I could find that footage.

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