What’s The Opposite Of A Podcast?

I’ve started a new podcast. I’m joined by my regular Sundays Supplement co-host Iszi Lawrence, and we discuss what we think is the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. Like a potato. Or Devon.

Please visit the site here.

It started as a conversation on the phone, where I was bored and asked Iszi what she thought is the opposite of curtains. I can’t even remember what we decided. But it occurred to me that it might make the foundations of a podcast, and I bought the subject up again as we were driving through the night along the motorway.

Iszi pulled out her phone and recorded us discussing the opposite of things, and then we sat down a few days later and recorded something a bit more formal. We released it as a bonus episode of Sundays Supplement, and the feedback we got convinced us it could indeed make a fun new podcast for us to do.

If you like it, please share it with your friends. If you hate it, please share it with your enemies.

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