Thought Vomit #24: ft. A Title For Owen

I’m not going to vomit the thought I had originally planned on regurgitating. First of all, I’m not entirely sure if I’m right on my facts, and second of all, even by my standards, it might sound arrogant and preachy.

On the other hand, the only other thing on my mind today has been MPs expenses, and I’ve already declared how redundant I think that story is. It’s encouraging to see a bit of a backlash against the outrage though, and watching Lord Foulkes batting away the pseudo-indignation of Carrie Gracie on BBC News was a good moment in particular.

Elsewhere on Facebook, someone posted the following exchange from Parliament involving Lord Foulkes (forgive me if you’ve already seen this):

Mr Hogg: I know that the Labour party is upset about the way in which the public are beginning to realise what is in its programme. Let me tell the House—[Interruption.]

Mr. Foulkes: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. The Order Paper refers to “Questions” to the Secretary of State: that means that Ministers must answer questions. This little arrogant shit has not answered a single question.

Mr. Speaker: Order. The hon. Gentleman must withdraw that word immediately, and must not repeat it.

Mr. Foulkes: Which word do you want me to withdraw, Mr. Speaker—little, arrogant or shit?

Mr. Speaker: The hon. Gentleman knows which word: the last.

Mr. Foulkes: I withdraw the last word.

(See the orginal here: )

The self-satirising reached a bit of a zenith this evening, as I watched the BBC doing a tour of MPs houses around the country, USING A HELICOPTER. The cost of doing that alone must have eclipsed, and I’m not joking, the five grand that Michael Spicer was being berated for, for claiming to maintain his … HELIPAD.


(EDIT: And all this on a day that saw one of the biggest ever quarterly increases in unemployment)

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