Thought Vomit #177: ft. Pineapples

On this week’s Sundays Supplement, I asked a question that in my heart I knew was probably a stupid one. But I asked it anyway, as is my wont.

Do pineapples grow on trees?

It lead to quite a lot of discussion, but the answer iszi gave was correct, and when she showed me the picture evidence after the recording, I went mad. This is so cool:

Eating those would make your cum taste nice
Click to embiggen

Look at the GIANT one in the middle. It’s HUGE. It looks like Bert from Sesame Street has turned into The Thing from Fantastic Four.

Pineapple is also the slang term for the Australian 50 dollar bill apparently.

There was also talk of Del Monte growing can-sized pineapples, but I can’t find anything about that, though I haven’t looked all that hard. I did find this incredibly¬†patronising¬†video though:

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