Thought Vomit #90: ft. The Foxes

Glen Beck is a turd basket. In fact, if you have a moment, he’s a steaming pile of vacuous spite, slowly simmering on a hob made of balls. If I could vomit at will down the telly tubes and have it land on his face I would do so constantly until my stomach turned inside out. I hope his testicles burst.

Sean Hannity on the other hand is a greasy pile of monkey spunk. When his shark like eyes resonate out of the Fox Box I can feel my bowels melting. Each vile word that escapes from his infected gob is like a bullet made of Satan’s spit, and if he ever falls face-first on to a rake, I hope it ends up on youTube.

But that’s not to say that Bill O’Reilly isn’t the anus of a heinous ape. He quite literally makes my ears bleed, what with his galling invective. If he lifted his own face off to reveal that his head was in fact a giant man’s cock, I would not be surprised.

That is all.

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