Rik Mayall On De Laatste Show

Here’s Rik on the Flenish tak show De Laatste Show (The Last Show).

There’s some lovely anecdotes in this, and Rik is on top form, but the most wonderful parts are watching him laugh at his own shows, and acknowledge the genius of other people. And his Rickman impression. Delightful.

KGTV Commercials

Here are the commercials that aired on KGTV, the ABC affiliate in Chicago during a 1990 showing of The Father Dowling Mysteries.

The most remarkable thing about them is that every single advert is just terrible. Not a decent one among them.

Also of note is the eclectic line up of shows on offer, from Full House to Twin Peaks. Also, the new season of China Beach, a show I want to see a lot, the sort of precursor to ER.

Weird seeing an advert for Goodfellas, and selling soap with a giveaway of The Sound Of Music is an odd choice.