The Flintstone’s Car

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Flintstone’s car. I know this isn’t the best way to expend my mental energy, and I know it’s a cartoon, but nonetheless, even in the world of The Flintstones, this car makes no sense.

Let’s not get started on the implication of those opening titles either. The family and friends appear to be going to the drive-in to watch The Flintstones. That’s some meta shit right there.*


The car.

I always thought it might be fun to walk a car along like that, until I realised a few things. First, if Fred is sitting, then he can’t get any real purchase for his feet. If he’s standing, which he appears to be, then what the hell is the seat doing there?

Next, those massive stone rollers must have a huge weight to them. Getting that thing going must be a real workout, even if it is possible, and stopping it would be a dangerous nightmare.

Also, why rollers?

You can’t steer rollers.

We know they know how to make wheels, there’s one in his hands on the dashboard – which appears to have no function whatsoever.

Then there’s how those rollers are mounted to the ‘chassis’. I’m not exactly up on my physics, but wouldn’t those loose fitting fork mounts mean the front roller would roll away when he applied the ‘brakes’? And wouldn’t the rear roller get left behind when he pulls away?


*I know the sign at the theatre announces The Monster, but when we cut to the screen, it is going to show the episode we are about to watch.

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