Some BBC Video Trailers

The space on a VHS tape was limited, so it’s a marvel that some of it was used for trailers, but the BBC were very good at these some times. Like this one, from 1991 for example.

By my reckoning, a complete VHS collection of Last Of The Summer Wine, covering all 295 episodes, would be more than 100 tapes, and would require at least 2.5 metres of shelving. I like to think that the spine art would show Compo falling down a hill in a bath.

This next one aired after an episode of Smith & Jones, not on a tape, but it’s fun nonetheless.

I still await a full commercial release of their BBC shows. Or even a Britbox collection, with all its flaws.

Here’s one from 1998.

And this is what greeted you at the start of a Harry Enfield collection.

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