Thought Vomit #139: ft. Coach Taylor

Every day I get delivered tomorrow’s newspaper.

But because my newsagent is so inept, they always deliver it a day late.

No, it's not Coach Taylor
You figure out the link

That was a thought that drifted into my brain as I slowly awoke this morning. I thought it would make a nice start to a stupid blog post, but I can’t think of anything else to add to it.

That’s the trouble with having ideas when you’re half asleep. Sometimes they are fully-formed and ready to go – like a piece of stand up I used to do about Jesus. And sometimes they are ill-formed and quickly forgotten. But more often, they jump around pretending they are fully-formed and ready to go, then skulk off in to the shadows when you ask them to prove it.

Most of the time this doesn’t matter, but on the odd occasion it does. For instance, the morning I woke up with a fully-formed drama series idea and was so excited by it, I wrote it up before my first cup of coffee and sent it straight to an award-winning drama producer.

He hated it.

He said it was the worst idea he had ever read.

I always have my morning coffee before sending ideas off now.

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