Thought Vomit #136: ft. Explain THIS Skeptics

Ever since I was baptised into skepticism, I’ve noticed a worrying development. I keep finding things in my life that cannot be explained away rationally. Take this photo for example.

Great Scott
This shook me to the core of my flux capacitor

I took it when it snowed and thought nothing more of it. But recently, upon closer examination, something struck me as inexplicable. No, it’s not the face of Stalin in the snow on my windscreen, that’s clearly pareidolia. It takes some searching, but once you see it, you’ll be unable to notice anything else. Can you see it?

Can you see the FLYING DELOREAN?

I thought it might be a weather balloon at first, but I asked my Mum, and she said she didn’t know what a weather balloon was, so it can’t be that. Then I saw the BBC News story about the time traveller in the Charlie Chaplin film, and realised it must be happening all the time. Photographic prove, as if any were needed. Explain THAT Skeptics.

What’s more, I was perusing my holiday snaps from my excursion to Mare Tranquilitas, and nearly did a double-take when I looked again at this photo of Earth rise.

It's round my arse
Proof of flat earthiness

At first the eye fools you into thinking that’s just atmospheric reflections, but study it further, and it’s clearly the feet and head of a giant turtle. Explain THAT Skeptics.

I suppose these things are sent to test our faith.

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