Thought Vomit #135: ft. Ten Things I Learnt At TamLondon

1. Crispian Jago has had his hair cut. More impressively, it was cut by a woman who used to cut Tom Baker’s hair in the 1980s. This was the best fact from the whole of TamLondon.

2. The chocolate éclair CAN be improved. I thought such a thing pure nonsense, until I had one they made smaller (yeah, smaller), and filled with chocolate cream.

3. Sid Rodrigues and Rebecca Watson have a very comfortable sofa. But for you own reference, stick to one side of it. They also have plumbing by Rube Goldberg, which is a lot of fun.

4. Magic exists. My phone had exactly one bar of battery left for four whole days. Fuck you skeptics. Explain that.

5. There is nothing funnier than a man squinting at the lyrics of an Insane Clown Posse song.

6. I’m slightly balding. This was revealed to me not in a vision from God, but from the vision of a camera on a bus.

7. There is such a time as half past seven in the morning. I’d heard tell of this mythical hour, but never witnessed it with my own eyes. I now know it to be true.

8. Backstage at Ghost Stories is almost as creepy as the front of house. Plus, a weird woman who I sat next to kept asking people to hold her hand. This is not a successful pick-up technique.

9. When I mentioned my friend Tom Greeves to someone in Leicester Square, my friend Tom Greeves appeared from nowhere and walked past me. Thus, my friend Tom Greeves must be magic. Fuck you skeptics. Explain that.

10. Alan Moore owns a very blue tie.

There was some other stuff about science and critical thinking, but I didn’t really understand it.

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