Saint David

I watched The Saint last night.

The 1997 movie one, starring Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue, which was directed by Phillip Noyce and written by Jonathan Hensleigh and Wesley Strick.

And if you believe the comments under my tweet about having watched it, it’s both appalling AND the worst movie ever made.

But it’s a perfectly serviceable, if underwhelming action thriller.

I didn’t bring you here to review a movie of course, nor did I bring you here to mention that the original script by Hensleigh alone has been described as one of the best movies never made.


I bought you here to show you this.

That’s David Schneider.

Popping up out of nowhere in another 90s Hollywood remake of a nostalgic television show.

You know, like when this happened.

Red Light, Green Light

What’s really interesting about his appearance in The Saint is that he appears to be playing a magician who talks nonsense.

Now, it’s possible I’m conflating things again, but I’m sure Schneider once appeared on a show, possibly a children’s show, playing a magician who talked nonsense. I specifically remember him saying ‘habby doo, habby gee’ a lot. Was that him? Or am I misremembering again?

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