It’s The Simpsons All The Way Down

This is hardly the most original thought, nor the most timely, but it’s been festering in my head for years now, and more so since I started a slow and steady re-watch from the start of The Simpsons.

It bothers me that The Simpsons are rushing home to watch The Simpsons.

Or at least a show made by the same people as The Simpsons, and one that uses the same credit cards for the show’s creators.

Is it meant to be that they are the stars of a reality show about The Simpsons, which began airing the day they rushed home to start watching?

Or are they watching an episode of The Simpsons?

In which case, are The Simpsons from the in-show The Simpsons, rushing home to watch their own in-show The Simpsons?

Is it The Simpsons all the way down?

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