Ham, Jam, And Baalam

There’s something my Gran used to say that has stuck with me through the years. She didn’t say it often, maybe only a handful of times, but that hasn’t stopped it sticking in my head ever since.

I would ask ‘what’s for tea, Gran?’.

And she would reply:

‘Ham, jam, and baalam.’

I was younger back then, weirdly, and my brain wasn’t as clever as it isn’t today, so I didn’t really know what Baalam was. I presumed some ancient biblical dish, for she was a devout Catholic, and it sound suitably exotic.

Obviously it was Lamb.

Said for a child.

Like Moo-Cow.

Once I worked this out, I decided that Ham, Jam, and Baalam would be quite a horrible meal for my tea.

And then last night, as I was turning off all the lights, I wondered what would be for my tea tomorrow.

Ham, Jam, and Baalam came the automatic reply of Gran’s voice inside my head.

And when I thought about it, I realised that ham with a nice dollop of good jam would be lovely. As would a rack of lamb glazed with some sort of fruity jelly. The two together might actually compliment one another.

I thought it would make an amazing blog if I cooked this dish, and took lots of photos of me enjoying it.

Then I realised that it would make no such thing.

So I found a picture of this instead.

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