Travelogue Of A Twat

I am on a train. I have no idea what is going to fall out of my head onto the page today. Looks like everyone has decided today is the day to travel to that Lunduun for the new year. That is, it’s rammed.

It’s been a while since I last made this journey and the rolling stock is all in much better nick. And at least these GWR trains don’t smell of poo like the Virgin ones do.

Just had to move seats because reservations weren’t put out. No matter.

It really is busy.

And I have nothing interesting to say about anything.

Merry Monday.

PS: Just seen the swank screens showing reservations. My bad. Long tunnel. Ears popping. Bleurgh.

PPS: Ended up standing for most of the journey. It was okay surprisingly as a hole family boarded and stood, and they were in good spirits. Next train is totally empty so far. This does not bode well.

PPPS: A family got on the empty train and talked about board games.

PPPPS: Arrived to this …

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