Hunt The Old Woman

I just tweeted about this, but I’m going to put it here too. On my long, oh so long, re-watch of Last Of The Summer Wine, in the 1995, series 17 episode Desperate For A Duffield, this happened.

I did a double take.

I rewound.

I let the scene play out.

That’s … that’s the Old Woman from Saturday (Friday) Night Armistice.

I had totally forgotten they’d done this, and so it was a brilliant surprise to just see her sitting there.

The first series (Saturday) aired in June to August of 1995, and so this must be roughly when the LOTSW studio scenes were being shot. But because the show didn’t air until November, the Armistice couldn’t show it until June the following year. And this is how they did it.

As you can see there’s an awkward edit where they must have shown the third shot of her between Compo and Cleggy.

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