Pubs Of The Summer Wine

Over on Twitter, I have been boring everyone silly with a long thread chronicling all of the pubs we see in Last Of The Summer Wine, as I slowly watch it from beginning to end. (I’m halfway through series seven).

This is Will’s O Nat’s …

This one stood out from the others because of its odd name. It’s such an odd name that I couldn’t believe it was made up. That’s not a pub facade dressed for the cameras, that’s a real pub. It’s just down the road from Holmfirth. Here’s what it looks like these days.

And here’s what it looked like 110 years ago.

I thought it might be interesting to compare the interior set used for the episode (Cheering Up Ludovic), with the real layout of the pub (albeit with a more contemporary decor).

And here’s the real one.

I think I prefer the TV version myself.

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