Noel, The Broom Cupboard, And A Bomb

Well, that’s not technically correct, but we’ll get to that.

I bet Noel insisted on that photo of him with Major being the last image of the show

So what’s going on here?

On 6th March 1993 Television Centre was closed down due to a bomb scare. That meant the live broadcast of Noel’s House Party was cancelled, and a repeat of the Christmas show went out instead. That appeared to have finished at eight minutes to seven, leaving time for a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

I find it odd that Noel chose to stay behind and man the continuity booth, and be the face of the channel. Bravado? Or pragmatism?

The Broom Cupboard is strewn with Red Nose paraphernalia, as you can see. Comic Relief was due to air in six days time. This is how that show started.

I love that globe

This is cover of the Radio Times that’s sitting right in front of Noel.

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