Jasper Carrott On Des O’Connor Tonight

When I was growing up, Des seemed to have a reputation for being a bit of a rubbish host, and I’m sure it was a joke, but it’s the opposite of the truth. Watch him at work here.

As good as Carrott’s material is (and it is good), I’d prefer a proper interview than cueing up the jokes. Des knows he wouldn’t be comfortable with that though, and so let’s him go, laughing generously, and giving him all the space he needs. You’d think that would be easy enough, though some hosts can’t do it. The trick is knowing when to speak and when to listen.

The most impressive skill though is timing an interjection to ADD to the material. In the middle of the sick-note story, he asks the simple question, at just the right time, ‘how old were you?’. Jasper let’s the question breathe, and then gets a big laugh from his response.

And lets take a moment to admire that set.

It’s marvellous.

The penthouse feeling, complete with the elevator entrance is great.

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