The Silent Invasion

It’s the secret no one knows is a secret.

People haven’t died trying to expose the truth. There’s not a shadowy cabal of men in rooms conspiring to keep the secret. There’s no clandestine agency tasked with keeping the truth from the public, using mind erasers or anything.

Earth has been invaded.

Revealing this won’t put my life in danger.

We have been invaded in the the most passive way imaginable.

They landed two hundred years ago. And we didn’t even blink an eye.

It looked like a heavy hail storm. Big, impressive, but not big enough or impressive enough to have been recorded.

Their DNA seeped into the soil, and years later, they sprouted, small at first, but then bigger. Clever things, they began to mimic something that soon surrounded them. They spread their seed, and looked different in different places.

Here, they were red. In Europe, they became yellow. In the US, blue, and in China green.

They stood there, planted to the spot, unable to move, just watching us for decades.

And we fed them.

Every day we pushed our most intimate thoughts into their mouths. They devoured them, and regurgitated them to look untouched. They learned everything about us. Our desires, our secrets, our financials, even where we had been on our holidays.

And they’re still there.

While we keep on feeding them.

We pass them every day. Even if we do use them less than we used to.

If they had thumbs, they would have wiped us out. If they had teeth, they would have eaten us.

As it is, they just read our mail.

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